Help Communities Understand the Needs of Children and Families During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit families with young children especially hard, putting their education, safety, health, and well-being at risk. At the same time, social distancing and increased demand for services are straining the institutional resources available to support struggling families. 

The Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development in Early Childhood (RAPID-EC) project is an ongoing, national survey designed to help communities better meet the needs of families with young children during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We share our findings with lawmakers, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders in weekly reports so that they can make informed policy decisions that improve families' access to critical resources and services.


While our nationally representative sample of over 1000 parents and caregivers allows us to track trends in childhood development and family well-being based on location, income, and race and ethnicity, the policies with the greatest impact on children and families typically originate at the state level. With your generous support, we can expand the RAPID project to include statewide surveys to help state leaders better meet the needs of local families in areas like healthcare, childcare, food, and morestarting right here in Oregon.

Addressing the needs of families with young children is a crucial part of our country's COVID-19 recovery efforts—especially in light of what we know about stressful experiences’ lifelong consequences for children’s brains, bodies, and behavior. Help us give families with young children a voice in state and federal policy and lay the foundation for stronger family support networks in the future by making a gift today.

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